Founded in 1964 and specialized in the repair and rebuilding of radiators, the company began a sustained growth and the continuous monitoring of the evolving needs of its customers.

In 1976 began manufacturing their own nests engaging a continuous growth and updating its product range.

In the 80's began selling complete water radiators and nest.

With the aim to continuously improve the service it provides to its customers, in addition to the store that has in Porto, opened a store in 2009 in Lisbon.

It has at its headquarters in Vila Nova de Gaia with a covered area of 2,250 m2, where it holds a vast permanent stock of water radiators, oil radiators, condensers, compressors, heat exchangers, evaporator, nests (water, air and oil), intercoolers, fans, thermostats, fan clutch, dehydrating filter, expansion valves, orifice tube and retarders.

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