Instructions for replacement of the water and chauffage radiator

Instructions for replacement of the water and chauffage radiator (heat exchanger)

The assembly or disassembly should be performed by qualified exclisivamento.

The specifications of the vehicle manufacturer must be followed at all stages of the work.

Before assembly it must be ensured that the new piece gives rise to its use and display the dimensions, connections and the required characteristics.

The refrigerating circuit must be opened only if the ambient temperature. Wear gloves and eye protection.

The coolant must be collected in suitable containers and disposed of correctly.

To avoid consequential damage and repetition, the cause of the defective part failure should be investigated and corrected before installation of the new piece.

When changing from the heater (heat exchanger) and water radiator, should verify operation and the thermostat cap. If in doubt the parts must be replaced.

In the event of dirt in the cooling system (scale, corrosion, oil, etc.) it must be washed with water or a chemical solution (e.g., Article No. Hella 8PE 351225-841), depending on the degree of dirt and the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer before installation of the new piece. In this case, the thermostat must be removed. The valves in the cooling circuit, if any, must be opened during washing.

Open cooling system connecting elements must be sealed with sealing and clamps, tightening them to the torque stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

When filling the cooling system always use the new coolant. The water company can be used up to a hardness of 20 ° dH. If the hardness is greater than or unknown to use demineralised or distilled />
Protections against frost or other additives for the coolant can be supplemented and used only if they have the prescribed vehicle manufacturer specifications.

At the end of assembly of the refriferação system, it must be bled correctly and according to the specifications of the manufacturer. For this, use the filling machine and filling Hella Airlift (Item No: 8PE 351225-201).

Upon completion of the repair, the entire refrigeration system must be checked with special atensão in its correct functionally and sealing the same.
To avoid corrosion due to electrical voltage or stray electrical current, make sure the dough strips are fixed correctly and that the contact surfaces are clean.

Source of information: Hella Tech World

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