The flaws in the retarder can be identified in the following situations:

  • loss of coolant;
  • loss of oil;
  • oil mixture in water;
  • failure in the braking system;
Causes of failures:

  • overheating of the cooling system due to lack of refrigerant fluid, cooling fluid not suitable and not suitable mixture of coolant;
  • overheating of the cooling system due to human error (eg Rapid deceleration of the vehicle at low engine speeds, incorrect choice of change using.) and also due to cavitation (formation of bubbles in the coolant due to overheating thereof);
  • damage to welds and hoses;
  • obstructions due to dirt in the cooling circuit;
  • high temperatures and excessive pressure in the operation of the retarder;
  • Interior leakage;
  • failure in the temperature sensor.

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