Business Areas

Thermal Control
In the field of thermal control commercialize the following products:

  • water radiator, fan motor, thermostat chauffage, interior fan, intercoolers and retarders.

Repair services for the following products:

  • water radiators, motor fans (plastic repair), chauffages, intercooler and retarders.

  • Manufacture of water radiators and complete chauffages combs and copper.

  • Available combs / water radiators and intercoolers nests in aluminum for heavy vehicles.

  • Also available plastic boxes for trucks.
Air conditioning
For the air conditioning we commercialize the following products:

  • condenser fan, condenser (air-conditioning radiator), dehydrating filter, evaporator, expansion valve, orifice tube, compressors and fan carrier.
  • Repair services for the following products: condensers, condenser fan (plastic repair) and evaporators.

  • Manufacture of condensers and evaporators.

  • In the industrial manufacture and repair all kinds of water radiators, condensers, intercoolers, oil radiators, among others.

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