Water cooler

The water radiators are installed in front of the vehicle in order to receive the flow of air. The Their function is to dissipate the heat produced by the engine combustion is absorbed by the coolant.

Motor fan

The fan serves to admit air (vacuum) but sometimes also work to compress (blower). They are driven by pressure changes, or by a temperature control unit. With increasing air flow caused by the fan causes a achieves an optimal operation of the cooling liquid and consequently the engine.

Chauffage (Heat Exchanger)
The heat exchanger or chauffage is installed in a housing within the vehicle and operates with a cooling liquid. The indoor or outdoor air is conducted through the heat exchanger being thus heated.

Oil radiator
The oil cooler has the function to achieve a constant temperature in the engine oil operation.

Air conditioning


The condenser is mounted in front of the engine, cools the refrigerant from the compressor so that it is in liquid form.

Filter dryer

The function of the filter / drier is to remove moisture and impurities coolant. Also serves as coolant reservoir. They contain therein a particulate filter which absorbs the moisture of the refrigerant.

The compressor is activated by the vehicle engine through a belt. Its function is to compress the refrigerant in a gaseous state for this spending in the condenser.

The evaporator is used to transfer heat between ambient air and the refrigerant of the air conditioning system. It is installed beneath the instrument panel.

Expansion valve

The expansion valve separates the high and low pressure zones. Adjust the coolant flow as a function of temperature thereby injecting more or less liquid to the evaporator. At the same time expels the refrigerant in a gaseous state from the evaporator to the compressor. This valve is applied to the refrigeration system expansion valve.

Orifice Tube
The orifice tube is mounted between the condenser and the evaporator. The coolant is injected into the evaporator through the orifice tube. Its function is to lower the refrigerant pressure before it is introduced into the evaporator. The orifice tube is used in refrigeration circuits with orifice tube.

Circuit Intercooler


There are several reasons for the use of intercooler to cool the air in turbo engines. The main reasons are the following: increased power available across the speed range, reduction of fuel consumption, improving the engine efficiency, reduce emission of CO² and less wear on the heat engine.

The intercooler are applied in two different systems:
Intercooler air-cooled intercooler which is installed in front of the vehicle and is cooled by ambient air. The other system uses water to dissipate heat.

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